Mike Summersbee

Mike Summersbee, Ex footballer, Football pundit.

I photograped Mike at his home in Cheshire for the book 66 on 66. Mike watched the 1966 final at Wembley with his best friend the legendary footballer George Best.

On attending the shoot Mike had explained he forgot we were coming! He gave Matt and I just an hour to get the interview and a photo. Mike’s house was lovely and his garden was beautiful, if a little too sunny with not a lot of shade on the day. I had time for one quick light set up using his garden gate and wall to give some framing to the shot. Mike informed us we had to be quick as he had a special friend coming over, Michael Crawford, being big fans of both guys, Matt and I had to have a quick selfie!

Mike Summersbee.jpg

66 on 66 I was there.

66 on 66 provides a unique perspective on what, 50 years on, remains the greatest occasion in English sporting history. Countless words have been written and spoken about this extraordinary match which made national heroes of the team and its manager. Yet this book eschews those men who sported the Three Lions that day and, instead, talks to dozens of other people who were present. For the first time, one book collects together the fans, the journalists, the celebrities, the musicians, the police officers, the ball boys and the officials who all witnessed that famous, wonderful match. Their stories are accompanied by newly-taken, world-class photographs making 66 on 66 the definitive record of England's World Cup glory.